Thanks to our donors

We would like to express our gratitude to all donors, that have contributed to our kehila’s budget as well as to help us to cover the publishing costs of the new book “Jews in Žilina” in the first half of 2008. Special thanks to our main donors:

E. Pick – USA
F.Feran – USA
M.Ganik – Czech Republic
Rachel & Gavriel Freyberger – Israel
Kohn family – Great Britain
Ring family – USA
D.Schvalbová – Prešov
P.Hora – Žilina
S.Rózsa – Great Britain
T.Valent – Bratislava
P.Rival – Germany

In the same time we thank Mr. M.Weinerovi from Varín for a material contribution and help with gardening works at the cemetery.

We thank all of you.

The Jewish religious community Žilina