Dear readers of Kehila Žilina

We are writing to you to make a kind request for any biographical data, photos, or other documents regarding prominent Jewish citizens of Žilina from 19th and 20th century. We will be very grateful for any information you can provide. Notably, concerning these individuals:


Braun, Rudolf
Engel, Andrej
Feldmann, Pavel
Friedmann, Dávid
Hecht, Ladislav
Hoffman, Dezider
Lénard, Daniel
Langfelder, Štefan
Neufeld, Karol
Polák, Ervín
Rémy, Alfréd
Robinsonová, Magdaléna
Rosenfeld, Ignác
Rosenfeld, Jakub
Scheer, Maximilián
Schlesinger, Samuel
Schlesinger, Vojtech
Spanyol, Hugo
Spanyol, Vojtech
Spierer, Ignác
Spitzer, Martin
Vogel, James.

This list is considered neither complete nor final. Therefore, we welcome your comments about anyone else who should be included in the list of prominent citizens. The abovementioned list contains only those who, unfortunately, are already deceased.

The purpose of our endeavor is not a secret. We would like to publish a writing that reflects the lives and works of the prominent from our background. These people shall not be forgotten, and we also strongly believe that they have earned it.

Thank you.