Jewish physical education and sport in Zilina

Dear Friends,

As an attachment to the invitation to our annual meeting of natives and Tryzna for those tortured in II. World War, we would like to add this letter.
We are planning to publish second, this time smaller publication , so far it´s work in progress, under the name of

Jewish physical education and sport in Zilina and its share at establishing sports and physical education in the city.

At times, when slowly but surely, the generation of those who had survived the „golden age“ between the two world wars is diminishing, it is our responsibility to consistently record and denote, on one side short, but on the other hand exceedingly furtile and rich history of our community in Zilina and it’s development.
That’s why we would kidly like to ask you to lend us or provide any documents possible ( whether it´s information in writing, photographs or their copies ) that mark any special occasions, people, sportsmen, families, objects or so on, that have anything to do with the given topic.
We would also welcome any sound recordings either in Slovak, English, German or Hungarian language.
Its rather unfortunate, that from various brochures and publications that were published before the year 1968, we didn‘t find any remaining copies.
We will be eternally gratefull for any materials you will find and that you will be able to provide to us.
Names of all of the donors and the resources will be nominally published in the publication.
Any artefacts, that you might find from this period, will be also welcomed. Let me just point out two, that we have recieved recently, that are placed on display at the exposition of judaicas in the orthodox synagogue at Dlabacova street.
First gift is from Mr. Pick from USA, he sent us fabric flag from III. Maccabi jamboree in 1937 in Zilina and the second item is a pin from the same venue, but the donor wishes to remain annonymus.
Thank you very much for any future cooperation helping us create the publication and we’re expecting your support helping us create unique collection of materials, that you can submit either in person or you can mail them to our mailing address.

Thank you very much in advance and see you at the end of June in Zilina.

In Žilina 28.4.2011

Pavel Frankl
Chairman of the Jewish Religious Community
Address: ŽNO Žilina, Hollého 9, 01001 Žilina, Slovensko
Mobil: ++421905278280
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