Remembering Bebo Pollák




On Monday 17 September 2018 Juraj "Bebo" Pollák left us forever at the age of 94 years. We would like to remind you of him not only via a photo but also via a radio session from the cycle Encyclopaedia of the Fair Ones under the name Angels, which was...

Revitalization of cemetery in Kotešová




The cemetery in Kotešová, near Žilina, is one of our oldest but unfortunately one of the most abandoned too. Last year with great support from Ing. J. Štrba, then the vice-chairman of the Žilina Self Governing Region, ŽNO Žilina began with repairing works there. We managed to get an aid...

Summary of the book part 6

are Maximilian Scheer, Karol Gruen, Alexander Aranyos, and many others. Gymnasium for girls is represented by Matilda Reich, Magdalena Robinson, and others students. Jews were among those people, who had lain foundations of sport in Zilina. In their ranks were prominent functionaries and sponsors of sport events. One of the...

Commemoration ceremony June 29, 2008

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, It has been almost twenty years since I addressed you from this place and opened the commemoration ceremony to pay tribute to all our victims of the Second World War with my speech for the first time. The topic of my introductory words is given by...

High Holidays celebration in Žilina

It has been twenty years since the last public worship took place in our small Jewish community in Zilina. Rebe Zev Stiefel from Piestany took an opportunity of the High Holidays time (Rosh ha shana, Yom kipur …) and held a religious service for us. We cannot forget to mention...

Passover 2009

Passover 2009 Traditional Pesach gathering of our kehila, including part of the Seder dinner, has taken place already on Sunday April 5, in Hotel Slovan. ... more

Chanukah in Zilina 2009 – 5770

Ner micva – Chanukah is yet another traditional occasion, when we meet to celebrate and chant together Chanukah songs. This year Chanukah party took place on December 13, 2008 – Kislev 26, 5770 on the third day of this eight-day long holiday. Traditional guest of our celebrations...